Hahaha — Isn’t Brene Brown great!

It’s so funny how we delude ourselves into thinking the new place will solve all of our problems. We are such optimists with change!

I’ve never worked anywhere that didn’t have its own brand of crazy. The trick for me is to find a crazy that compliments mine!

Understanding your values is a great start Jeff. The challenge is figuring out a company’s values. Although you can look up what they SAY their values are, of course the truth is expressed in the actions of the employees and the policies they have in place.

If you get to the interview process, I recommend you bring a few behavior-based questions to them. For someone like me who values excellence, I might ask…

How are employee performance expectations set — how do you measure if an employee is meeting those expectations? Can you give me an example?

Performing to my full potential and contributing to the team is important to me. How do you respond to employees who are not meeting or are exceeding the expectations of their role. Can you give me an example?

If the answers are basically a manager’s opinion at an annual review, I might still play since I love independence. I would just need to be sure I didn’t need to collaborate with others or my boss to achieve excellence.

I’d really suggest you reflect on your core values and come up with one or two questions that you could as a prospective employer to get a feel for what they do and what the culture is like. If you can talk to employees, so much the better.

Sorry for the pages and pages of unsolicited advice. I just feel passionately about the topic! (:

Productivity/mastermind nerd, coach in Seth Godin’s Akimbo community, inbound digital marketer, former mental health professional, Hasher & Airbnb owner.

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